Friday, March 16, 2007

Martha! Martha! Martha!

In the most recent episode of the YU Commentator an article of mine was published. The article is split pretty evenly between describing the experience of visiting the taping of The Martha Stewart Show and between an irresponsible feminist analysis of Martha. Here's the director's cut of that article, in a convenient, easy-to-read bullet-point format:
  • It was really hard condensing the several-hour-long experience into a somewhat focused article. Normally, when I'm writing a paper, let's say, I have an easier time leaving things out, perhaps because I feel little to no ownership over, for example, The Waste Land. I experienced all of the show, and wanted to, at least, mention all of the relevant parts, but I couldn't figure out a way to incorporate certain details without resorting to a bullet-point list at the end. Thank God for blogs.
  • A-Rod is huge. He doesn't look like it when he's standing next to other pro athletes. I was sitting on the floor of the studio, about twenty feet away from him, and, from up close, he is remarkably big.
  • I skipped shiur to watch the show. (Some things I just couldn't mention in a YU paper.)
  • I applied for more tickets. If I miss shiur on a Thursday or Friday morning during the week of April 16 this might be why.
  • They edited one of my lines. This was my original sentence: "And now, a mostly unfounded and completely irresponsible feminist analysis of Martha Stewart." I was greeted with this sentence upon opening the paper: "And now I will try a somewhat feminist analysis of Martha Stewart." I was more amused than anything else, but it was a weird feeling seeing something you wrote changed around without being consulted.
  • After the A-Rod interview, some skinny guy with a neat sweater and glasses showed us how to arrange roses nicely. They did this in the special flower shop all the way on one edge of the stage. After A-Rod, no one was really excited for flower guy. I think even Martha was bored.
  • The concept of the show is interesting: Martha doesn't do much. She participates in everything, but it's really a guest driven show. It's get slightly uncomfortable when one of the guests outshines her, as was the case of A-Rod, who was the bigger star. At one point, Joey the WUG was even forced to remind the audience that "Martha is the one hosting the show."
[UPDATE: Gila N. Feinblum got the tickets for the show and accompanied me to see it. Sorry for the omission.]

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Gila said...

You were published? And you didn't tell the person who took you there in the first place? I might be insulted