Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Can you spell your first name for me?

The basketball blogging community has devoted much virtual ink to Allen Iverson's new haircut. And with good reason: Iverson's cornrows was the defining hairstyle of the NBA for the last decade. And since the NBA is the only (popular) North American sport whose athletes don't don some type of protective headgear, AI's head stylings have been the most influential in all of sport.

TrueHoop, as part of this round-the-clock coverage, presented this video of the haircutting process.

Despite the wide-ranging cultural, racial, and stylistic meaning of the NBA's blackest player moving away from the blackest hairstyle, I was most intrigued by Iverson's barber. More specifically, I'm intrigued by his name, namely: Chaun. You can hear Iverson pronounce it right before the 3:00 mark.

Eureka! We've discovered another spelling of this name!

We can now officially add Chaun to Sean, Shawn, Shaun, and Chone.

And, just for fun, try this Mental Floss game titled "Shawn, Sean or Shaun." I only got two out of five.

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