Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Story Time

I've been touting StorySlams for a while now. And with good reason, I believe: they are just about the best way to spend an evening, and the entrance fee is only 4.09416 Euros ($6 US). People all the time be asking me: Where did you hear about this fascinating event? (Also frequently asked: How come you don't dance no more?) And I invariably inform these inquisitive minds that The Moth--the organization that organizes StorySlams and other, more expensive storytelling events--ran a series of great ads in The NYer about 18 months ago, which told the beginning of some amazing stories, before ending abrubtly and telling readers to go finish the rest of the story on their website.

The story which that got me reading, which got me to visit the website, which got me to attend about 4-5 StorySlams in the past 17 months, was about some kid who describes his first day as a Yankees batboy. It's a tremendous story, available for a long time only by purchasing Compact Discs through the organization's website. But, I'm happy to report, this story has recently been posted as a podcast on the iTunes store. I would link directly to that page, but I have no idea how to go about doing that. But simply search for The Moth, and find the relevant podcast. Many of the stories are quite good, but the one I'm most strenously recommending is dated 9/15/08 and is told by Matthew McGough. Enjoy.

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