Thursday, September 18, 2008

If you didn't expect this, you probably don't know me very well

I'm going to try to not be pushy with the DFW stuff. I can't imagine anyone else would be interested in reading through the dozens upon dozens of responses to his suicide that are being collected on The Howling Fantods. I just wanted to explain to everyone how I've been spending this week of unemployment.

Two links which I recommend:
  • Kottke's first stab at a post, mostly because you should be reading Kottke anyway, but also because his judiciously chosen excerpts and links is a great (and manageable) way to learn more about Wallace.
  • The seriously beautiful thing going on now at McSweeney's. They set up a forum for rememberences by almost anyone. It's fantastic to see non-professional writers, people who had maybe brief encounters with DFW, remember the man. Not surprisingly, many of these letters are written by his former students; it sounds, from all accounts, that he was a better teacher than he was a writer. A must read for anyone who teaches.
Image via the DFW Motivational Poster Competition over The Howling Fantods.

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