Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Facebook Piracy

Did you ever think to yourself the following statement which immediately follows this upcoming mark of questioning? "Facebook is great and all, but it could really use a strong dose of Pirate-styled language to really separate itself from all those other social-networking sites."

I know I never thought that. But, nonetheless, I'm pretty happy that the language setting on Facebook can be changed to English-Pirate. Just scroll down to the bottom of any page, and click on the blue-fonted word that probably says English. Such clicking with open up a menu of sorts, and, upon such prompting, search and click on the one called English Pirate.

Doing this will open up a whole new parrot-infested world of Facebook. Instead of an Inbox, you have a Bottle O' Messages. And instead of Friends, you can have Me Hearties. Because everyone knows that inboxes and friends are so 2005.

I think this is a fitting tribute to the recently passed Talk Like a Pirate Day. But, more importantly, it may be considered an acceptable form of service by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the universe's most benevolent flying carbohydrate deity. And remember: Stop global warming; become a pirate.


joshua said...

Or what, I'll have to walk the plank?

Joseph said...

you are insane