Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thank goodness I still live in a world with telephones, car batteries, handguns [*bang*!] and many things made of zinc.

There's this extremely nerdy website which presents what most probably is the world's first interactive Periodic Table of the Elements. By clicking on any of the little element boxes, the interwebular traveler is escorted on a journey to an educational video explaining that element. Sodium, not surprisingly, is the most watched video. The internet has spoken, declaring sodium to be the most popular element.

I suppose this is a worthwhile educational tool, for those poor high schoolers forced to "learn" chemistry, but I can't figure out why they don't have a video ready for Zinc. There's tons of good zinc videos out there, ready to be linked to, like so:


joshua said...

I think a bigger question is why are they pushing "phosphorous" as they're #1 recommended element? What or who is behing this pro-phosphorous agenda? And when will it inevitably turn into an anti-Sodium smear campaign?

Josh said...

Come back, Zinc!
(I am most impressed to see that some out there still know the value of zinc to four-fingered-yellow-people-by-matt-groening)

Avi said...

That educational film was supposed to be the good zinc video I linked to at the end of the post, but it seems like Rupert Murdoch personally removed--probably with tweezers--all of The Simpsons content from the youtubes.