Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Summer of Firsts

I've done many a thing this summer which I had not previously--in my life--done. For example, this summer I, for the first time,...
  • did laundry by myself,
  • ate foie gras,
  • slept in a waterbed (my verdict: kinda cool because you can sorta rock yourself to sleep by just moving around a little, but, ultimately, waterbeds are only a sometimes bed because you can't sit up on [in?] them, they're mad hard to get out of, and I woke up with a sore back; but it was fun to try, even if I kept worrying that the thing would pop, because that seems to be the thing that happens to waterbeds on TV),
  • stepped foot in the part of this country between Cleveland and California (I think the technical title of this is the mid-coast),
  • drank absinthe, twice, and I didn't hate it the second time,
  • attended a non-Jewish institution of higher learning, and I'm not sure what took me so long,
  • prayed with old Sefardi-type men in Spain,
  • visited Europe (that time like ten years ago I spent two hours in the airport in London doesn't even come close to counting),
  • saw a bull-fight (and that was, I can guarantee, the last time I'll see a bull-fight),
  • did pilates,
  • saw a popular moving picture on an i-maximum screen,
  • um, rode in a hybrid car.
There's probably more, but I think we're way past the still-interesting line.


joshua said...

Did you eat the foie gras while drinking absinthe?

Stephanie said...

hooray for non-jewish institutions of higher learning! glad you joined the club.

Joseph said...

i agree, i am finally taking classes in a non-jewish school of higher learning and i am also question why it took me so long to do so