Thursday, January 8, 2009

Who let the bulls out?

January 9 will mark the beginning of the Professional Bull Riding Built Ford Tough Invitational tournament, held in Madison Square Garden. This particular Invitational tournament will occur daily throughout this weekend, and ticket prices range from $10 to $195.

Now: I'm not going to attend any of the PBR events because I'd rather watch football this weekend. But I can't help but appreciate from afar the sheer incongruity of a Professional Bull Riding event being held in the middle of the town in Manhattan. I worked today within a block of MSG and passed, on my way to the subway, a giant 18-wheeler-style truck parked next to the "World's Most Famous Arena," which contained a few extremely-bundled-up men selling bull-riding bandannas and t-style shirts and caps and who knows what else. Country music blasted from a jerry-rigged speaker system.

Is this the greatest possible instance of transplanting foreign values? Does anyone who lives within reasonable traveling distance from Manhattan actually care about bull-riding? Or--as would be the case with me, if I would, y'know, attend--is everyone buying tickets because it seems like a funny thing to do in NYC?

If any TDS readers will attend this event, I will happily publish a report.

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Floppy said...

I can't wait to go to the bull riding invitational.. I have never seen one before.. My friend and I just got our tix and the most awesome thing is we only had to pay for 1!! They have this buy 1 get 1 free thing going on.. Check it out..