Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My 1950s Yeshiva College

I'm auditing a class at Yeshiva College titled "The 1960s: A Political and Cultural History." It seems like good fun. I mention this so that you understand why probably a whole bunch of posts from now through May will involve the 1960s.

Might as well get started now.

I imagine it must be quite strange to be teaching a class of this nature in an institution which generally subscribes more to the '50s ideology than that of the '60s.

Consider the following.

Our first order of business entailed the screening of a PBS documentary called Seeds of the Sixties. This misleadingly titled film concerned itself mostly with the '50s, and included such general popular prescripts as:
  • Obey authority;
  • Fit in with the group;
  • and, Don't even think about sex.
All these (and more!) were thoroughly rejected during the following decade. But Yeshiva College, for the most part, forgot to reject them.

This should be an interesting class.