Friday, December 3, 2010

Blog-iversary, 2010

Well, it's that time of year again. It's my blog-iversary.

Since we last celebrated together I've become something of a professional blogger, by which I mean that I get paid money to write on the internet. It's something of a dream come true, because I had been doing this for free. I've been fortunate enough to publish something in the neighborhood of 160 posts for Ifbyphone and PMI since January 2010. And yet this year has managed to be the busiest yet for The Daily Snowman, with more than 100 posts published since my last blog-iversary. As always, I'm surprised and grateful that many thousands of you decided to come visit (or, I suppose, a few or you visited many thousands of times), to read what I have to say. I truly appreciate your support.

My advice to anyone hoping to be paid to write is this: just start writing. My paid gigs are a direct result of this humble blog, even though I never would have predicted the path from a blog about snowmen to multiple paying blogs about phones. Writing begets writing.  Just choose a topic and start writing. You never know who'll be reading.

Let's go now to this year's edition of the Snowies. (Any resemblance to any of these Urban Dictionary definitions of the word "snowy" is mostly accidental.)

Snowiest Embedded Videos


Snowiest Series
  1. The Internet is Distracting
  2. Zippers on Baseball Uniforms
Snowiest Update on a Multi-Year Series 
  1. Yet More Evidence That Laugh-Tracks are Bad
Snowiest Recognition of TDS
  1. Matt Bucher's Las Obras de Roberto Bolano
  2. FreeDarko's Twitter
Snowiest 2666 Posts
  1. Initial 2666 Thoughts
  2. 2666's The Part About the Crimes and Literary Realism
Snowiest Weekly Paragraphs

From Pat Conroy's My Losing Season:
As a boy, I had constructed a shell for myself so impenetrable that I have been trying to write my way out of it for over thirty years, and even now I fear I have barely cracked its veneer. It is as rouged and polished and burnished as the specialized glass of telescopes, and it kept me hidden from the appraising eyes of the outside world long into manhood. But most of all it kept me hidden and safe from myself. No outsider I have ever met has struck me with the strangeness I encounter when I try to discover the deepest mysteries of the boy I once was. Several times in my life I have gone crazy, and I could not even begin to tell you why. The sadness collapses me from the inside out, and I have to follow the thing through until it finishes with me. It never happened to me when I was playing basketball because basketball was the only thing that granted me a complete and sublime congruence and oneness with the world. I found a joy, unrecapturable beyond the realm of speech or language, and I lost myself in the pure, dazzling majesty of my sweet, swift game.
And the great Will Leitch on LeBron's decision:
No, tonight, it felt like everyone involved — LeBron, ESPN, Bing, the University of Phoenix, Stuart Scott, the man who once chastised fans for having the audacity to boo, Jim freaking Gray — treated the millions of people watching like stupid, mindless consumers, empty lemmings ready to follow Sport into the abyss. Here, here are the Boys & Girls Club props. Here, here is your search engine. Here, here is your online college, Here, here is your Athletic Hero. Eat. Eat. Consume. You like it. You love it. You'll always come back for more.

They're surely right, of course. But never has it been laid more bare, and never did it feel so empty. It felt like a break, the moment when the tide crested, when we looked at the games, and their players, and ourselves, and wondered: Why in the world are we watching these awful people? It was a question impossible to answer.
Snowiest Posts About Ivy League Schools
  1. Yale School Musical
  2. Is Larry Summers the Key Character in The Social Network?
Snowiest Video Essays


Snowiest Movie Reviews
  1. June 17, 1994: Subtle Choices Are Choices Nonetheless
  2. Reviewing Avatar
Snowiest Books/Reading Posts
  1. How We Remember Sports: FreeDarko's Undisputed Guide to Pro Basketball History 
  2. Helplessness of the Self: James Wood on David Foster Wallace
Snowiest Posts That Don't Fit in Another Category
  1. Steve Earle in Concert
  2. Reader's Despair Syndrome
Lastly, I'd like to wish a happy blog-iversary to my blog-brother, Ariel at Troubled Souls Unite, now in its second incarnation. He's essential reading if you love music or if you would like to understand the ways in which the love of music is expressed in America in 2010.

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Ms. Miller said...

SO proud of you. This is an amazing accomplishment, and extremely well-done.