Monday, February 1, 2010

Paragraph of the Week

From "Class Warrior," Carlo Rotella's profile of United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, in the Feb. 1, 2010 issue of The New Yorker:

Duncan likes talking about how pickup basketball reveals character, an article of cultic faith in Obama's inner circle. (When I asked Axelrod about that, though, he said, "I hope that's not entirely true of me on the court.") He also believes that basketball teaches lessons in practical politics. Thinking back to his teens, Duncan said, "A bunch of places where I played were extraordinarily dangerous. I couldn't fight. There were times when I was really scared, but that's where the best basketball was." And so "I learned to read people's character. I learned to trust certain people completely."

This is the whole of our ideology.

Also, if you've been hesitant to check out because you aren't necessarily interested in the marketing of phones, here's a good place to start: my take on how the ad campaign leading up to last night's Grammys has redefined what it means to be a fan. It's a piece that would fit in nicely on this here blog.

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