Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Abandoned Car

There's this jungle green Ford Expedition--Eddie Bauer Edition--parked at the corner of W. 181st and Fort Washington in such a way so that the rear 40% of the car extended into the crosswalk. The car looks to be in decent shape. I'm no mechanic, but the only exterior problems I noticed were a lack of inflation in the aft tires and a sagging in the abaft bumper that seems to be more pronounced than is normal.

I first noticed the Expedition at around 1830h on Monday, March 9. As of 1500h on Wednesday, March 11, the vehicle remained in its position, still blocking the crosswalk. The only difference I noted is that the bright orange parking tickets have multiplied overnight: there are now four slips of paper protruding from under the wipers.

So many questions. Did the person who parked the car there know that the spot is illegal? Did the driver not care? How come no one has come to retrieve the car?

I'm not sure why this fascinates me so much, but it does. If I ever write a novel, there'll be a mysterious abandoned car somehow involved in the plot.

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