Thursday, November 13, 2008

Incoming: SuperSize Edition

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  • Best part of attending a The Daily Show taping: Watching Jon Stewart bust a gut during John Oliver's recorded segment.
  • It would be way awesomer if TNT wasn't taken away from our cable-less TV right when I started wanting it, i.e., the NBA season opener.
  • Hey, cool, I got a link on Deadspin, the second to last bullet point: I'm living the dream.
  • My "I <3>
  • I think I added spices to my zucchini soup too early.
  • Nope: the soup is awesome.
  • Just went for a yog.
  • Sunday Night Football Extra kinda sucks.
  • Day Man, a-whoa-oh.
  • Brinner!
  • Video Chat makes g-chatting from the bathroom more unpredictable.
  • There's a guy named Steve Sachs at my office. I hope Police Chief Wiggum doesn't arrest him, causing him to miss the big softball game.
  • I hate when my favorite blogs go extinct:

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