Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Eight Crazy Days Until Graduation

Sometimes I have faith in YU as an institution. Most of those times follow directly from speaking with/listening to/reading things written by Paula Geyh. (She even knows about parkour! How cool?)

But other times, I receive memos like the one which was surreptitiously slid beneath my door this afternoon by some faceless University Housing lackey.

Here goes with the entire text:

To: Students of IHP

From: Yeshiva University--Wilf Campus
Office of University Housing and Residence Life

The University has been working on upgrading and beautifying out campus and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

There have been reports of students throwing trash out of their windows. For your safety and the safety of others throwing trash out of a window is not allowed in any of the Residence Halls or IHP Apartments.

I'm surprised that the author of this memo appeals only to concerns of safety, and not, you know, concerns of quality of life.

Also, is there really a danger to the thrower? I guess it could cause death or really bad music.

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joshua said...

Throwing trash from windows? Maybe they were just Purim Midrash reenactors trying to act out the midrash about Haman's daughter throwing trash on her dad? Or maybe they were celebrating their upcoming graduation?

Personally, I think there should be more trash defenestration awareness, people don't realize how dangerous it is. It's probably because they don't have a flashy mascot like forest fire awareness (smokey the bear) or crime prevention (Mcgruff).