Monday, December 10, 2007

A Tribute

This kinda happened by accident, but I noticed that that in two out of three papers for my 19th C. European Intellectual History class I have managed to incorporate some variation of the locution which doubles as the title of the greatest television program this side of 1998 : Arrested Development.

(Those crazy German Romantics really like writing about the development of man and also things which arrest that development. See, it's easy!)

Here are the two examples:

  • Each believes that a deeper societal concern at once dehumanizes man and arrests his development.
  • Novalis may concede that the reliance on clergymen arrests the mental development of the ordinary man, but that seems to be a concession readily granted...
I think this is a fitting tribute to a fantastic TV show. If we all work together--all three people who have read this blog more than once--and make sure that we utilize some variation of the phrase "Arrested Development" in every paper, blog post, email, google-chat, etc. we can simultaneously confuse our professors/email recipients but also, and more importantly, memorialize a show which deserves our respect.

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joshua said...

Wow, great blogs as usual. I'm glad Ariel convinced you to come out of retirement again. I was a little nervous that this blog's development had been arrested (best episode: sword of destiny).

I was hoping to hear your thoughts on the meteoric rise of your beloved Rockies at the end of the past baseball season. Even though they did fall a little short of their goal, they completely surpassed everyone's (except for the true believers) expectations and gave hope to people who think that with enough hard work anything is possible (except for the D-rays to have a winning season).

Also kudos for getting Jeffrey Morgenthaler to give you a shout out on your blog, any chance you could drop Curt Schilling's name in the off chance that he too will make a guest appearance?